On this  FAQ page we answer all frequently asked questions about Frontrow Design, our products, shipping and service. 

Our browbands are available in the sizes Pony (38 cm), Cob (40 cm), Full (42 cm) and X-Full (44 cm). 

When a product shows any form of defects within a month after delivery we fix it for free. Just contact us and a repair will be arranged.

That can be arranged through this page. Select the favorite model, choose your colors and fill them in the entry fields, then place your order!

We have four different browband models. 
The Single Small model has a single crystal row.
The River model is also in a single row, but has a canal on the top and bottom to protect the crystals in the middle.
The browband ‘Extra’ has a double row and contains both small and big crystals. 
The model Twist switches small and big crystals and can be made on a small and brought browband. View all our models here.

In a normal situation (without Christmas and Black Friday) the delivery inside the Netherlands will be within 1 to 2 days. 
For countries outside the Netherlands shipping will last the following amount of days:

This varies per country. We ship everywhere in Europe and the UK and USA. THe following shipping costs are valid per country:

Yes! We ship throughout Europe, the UK and the USA. 

Yes, we have browbands that fit on double bridles. These browands have a leather keeper that split the seperated headpieces from each other

You can savely finish your payment by using Paypal, a credit card or IDeal.

Yes, they do! We have various clients that use our browbands on their Micklem. This fits perfectly, since the loops on the browbands are narrow enough to fit the Micklem bridle.

Yes, they are. The crystals we use are made of real Czech crystal. Therefore, they stay shiny on a long term.

No, we only sell complete products (browbands, collars, belts).

The best way to keep your browband, belt or collar clean is to use some Blue Wonder that is suitable for glass or as an ‘all-purpose cleaner’. Spray some on a microfibre cloth and slowly sweep the crystals to get them clean and shiny again. Avoid cleaning with water and soap, since this only makes the crystals more dull. 
It is best to clean the browband with Blue Wonder on a microfibre cloth every two weeks. In this way the products remain shiny as long as possible. 

The collars are available in four sizes: Puppy, S (32 cm), M (40 cm) and L (50 cm).

The belts are available in one size. This ‘OneSize’ covers the usual sizes XS, S and M. 

No, Frontrow Design does not organize workshops. Luckily it is possible to customize your own products in our webshop, so that you indirectly still ‘made’ your own unique product. It will at least save you a lot of time! 😉

When the product that you like to return is categorized as ‘Design your own’ it is not possible to return it. When you ordered a standard model it is possible to return it within a month after delivery, in an unused state. The shipping costs for returning products (when they are not broken/damaged) are for the buyer. 

No, it is absolutely forbidden to violate Frontrow Design’s copyrights. When this is still the case a penalty will be billed as a compensation. More information about copyright and the consequences of violating this can be found in our disclaimer.