Disclaimer Frontrow Design

Disclaimer Frontrow Design

Intellectual property right – Copyright 

All published components on the website www.frontrowdesign.eu are developed and made by Frontrow Design. The same is applicable on the social media channels of Frontrow Design (Facebook, Instagram). These publications belong to the intellectual property right of the company Frontrow Design.

It is forbidden to take over and use these publications without having permission for it. This prohibition applies on copyright. When the copyright is violated a compensation will be claimed. 

The following overview shows the publications on www.frontrowdesign.eu and Frontrow Design’s social media channels on which the copyright is valid:
– Logo
– Product images
– Product descriptions
– Blog articles/posts
– Client photos in the lookbook and on product pages
– Text blocks (Posts on Facebook, Instagram, www.frontrowdesign.eu).
– Structure and layout website
– Advertisements
– Color combinations of the browband models ‘Blixum’, ‘Novelty’, ‘Lafhira’, ‘John’, ‘James’, ‘Allori’, ‘Ollori’ and ‘Giorgio’.
– Color combinations of the collar models  ‘Beer’, ‘Tinus’, ‘Luna’ and ‘Dexter’. 

By violating the copyright on each point from the list above a fine of €150,- will be charged. 

For mutilating an image, which means that for example a logo or other characteristic of the orgininal image will be used or published, a fine of €200,- euro will be charched as a compensation for the violation.

On top of a fine there is an urgent request to remove the used or mutilated item.

Source: www.fotoanoniem.nl & www.charlotteslaw.nl