About Frontrow Design



When we talk about Frontrow Design, we talk about Antoinette Jansen-Bongers and Francis Jansen. As mother and daughter we are making and optimizing unique and affordable browbands with much pleasure for all riders. Actually, Frontrow Design is another addition to our hobbies! It is not always easy to combine quality with an affordable price, but it is for sure possible! After experimenting and crafting with our impulsive purchase from a supplier we ended up with a surprisingly nice result. We decided to optimize it and try to get the real deal done. Not only for ourselves, but for everyone!

Nowadays customization is well-known phenomenon in the equestrian world. Boots, saddle pads en competition jackets appear in all colors and patterns on Instagram and in the arenas, and Frontrow Design likes to be a part of it!  We can’t wait to help you with customizing your ideal browband, collar or belt. Therefore, you can always send us a message with your wishes, so that we can send you a picture of the color combination you desire.

Frontrow Design started in the summer of 2019 with the idea to make luxurious browbands for an affordable price. Besides standard designs it is also possible to design your own browband, collar or belt based on personal preferences for sizes, colors and rows. 

Francis Jansen is 21 years old and came with the idea of Frontrow Design. She is an active dressage rider with her horses John Galliano (Netto) & Lafhira (Briar). Over the years there was a desire for a nice and affordable browband with the ability to choose from all colors of the rainbow. At that time this was not yet on the market. While Francis was studying her bachelor study Equine Sports & Business, which she finished in 2020, she followed a minor in Digital Marketing. Here, she learned many tips and tricks about online marketing and it was a trigger to start building websites. Meanwhile, crafting around with making browbands became a daily activity, because it was important to get the product completely to her desires. In the first place it was the intention to use the browbands for her own horses, but with an entreprenureal mind Francis decided to sell the browbands on a small scale on the website she built herself. One thing led to another, and since January 2020 Frontrow Design became an officially registered company! Originality, appearance and service are key words for Frontrow Design, and by using these characteristics Francis hopes to help many more clients in the future!

Antoinette Jansen-Bongers is Francis’ mother. Since a young age she has been active in dressage, and in this way she als infected Francis with the well-know ‘horse disease’. Antoinette is a hard and busy worker. Next to taking care of the horses at home, her own company, giving dressage lessons and being a dressage judge she also likes to spend some time within Frontrow Design. Antoinette is responsible for purchasing goods like crystals and leather from suppliers. She also takes care of the accountancy. Antoinette cannot wait to ride competitions again herself in the future with a nice horse and a customized set by Frontrow Design!